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2020 Meeting

Partner Reports

National Resources Conservation Service-Jason Jeans

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board-Meta Loftsgaarden

Oregon Department of Agriculture-Marganne Allen

Soil & Water Resources Commission-Barbara Boyer

Oregon Department of Forestry-Ryan Gordon

Q&A/Interactive Discussion

NACD Programs- Jeff Rola, Moderator

Ariel Rivers, NACD Regional Representative

NACD Grants, Financing, Urban Committee and Other Programs 

Tribal Resources- Terri Preeg Riggsby, Moderator

Michael Crowder, NACD President Elect

Working with WA Tribal Neighbor

Jason Robison - Land, Resources & Tribal Programs Officer

Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe

Working with Oregon Tribes

Working Lands-Jan Lee, Moderator

Nellie McAdams, Oregon Agricultural Trust

Megan Kemple & Ashley Rood

Oregon Climate and Agriculture Network

The role of working lands in policy actions

Working Lands PanelOregon Climate and Agriculture Network

Recording of afternoon panels from Zoom

Passcode: XxRLX?5r