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Al Hrynyshyn

Position: Northwest Oregon Region: Secretary
Term: Ends 2024
Al Hrynyshyn

 Upper Willamette SWCD

Al Hrynyshyn has served on the Upper Willamette SWCD board for the past 6 years, currently serving as board chair the past 4 years.  He is also a member of the Oregon Soil & Water Conservation Commission.  Al represents the northwest region on the OACD board.  He is a retired geologist, with a BS from the University of Wyoming and MS from Utah State University. He worked for several years in the petroleum industry and spent many years as an educator teaching geology, physics, and chemistry.  He owns a small ranch in the hills west of Junction City.  Al believes soil and water are two of our most important resources and is excited to bring his enthusiasm and experience to UWSWCD, OACD and the SWCC.  You can contact Al at