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Terri Preeg-Riggsby 

Position: West At-Large:  Vice President
Term: Ends 2025
Terri Preen Riggsby

 West Multnomah SWCD

 Terri Preeg Riggsby was born in Virginia but also spent part of her childhood in Lima, Peru and Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Terri recieved her BA in Mass Communication at James Madison University and her Masters in Natural Resource Management at PSU. She also obtained the Watershed Management Professional Program Certification. Most recently, Terri worked as a senior Performance Auditor for the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, and now owns Babbling Brook Designs, producing and selling functional and environmentally friendly pottery.

Terri joined WMSWCD in 2006 because of her passion for improving and protecting our natural environment within an urban setting. She has spent over 10 years performing and advocating for on-the-ground restoration in and around the City of Portland and knows that getting the right partners working together will yield great results. These partners are already seeing great and positive impact on our watersheds by reducing non-point source and storm water pollution and Terri looks forward to continued success.

Terri and her husband Ben Riggsby have fun with their son Caleb. She also likes to hike, garden, and travel. Contact Terri Preeg Riggsby at

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