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2022 OACD Annual Conference

2022 OACD Conference Agenda


NRCS Funding: Jason JeansNACD Funding: Tom WehriOWEB Funding: Eric WilliamsODFW Conservation and Recreation Fund: Dr. Karl WennerDEQ Clean Water State Revolving Fund: Chris Marko


Partner Updates:

NRCS: Ron AlvaradoNACD: Tom Wehri
Oregon Conservation Partnership: Jan Lee
Oregon Climate & Ag Network (OrCAN): Megan Kemple

Karin Stutzman: SWCD Lead at ODA

  Soil and Water Conservation Commision:  Barbara Boyer  (no PowerPoint)

Washington Assoc. Conservation District: Tom Salzer  (no PowerPoint)

OWEB: Lisa Charpilloz Hanson (no Powerpoint)


Working Lands Committee

ODA: Jim Johnson – (no PowerPoint)

Oregon Ag. Trust: Nellie McAdams  (no PowerPoint)


Soil Health/Carbon Sequestration:

OWEB Climate Committee Co-Chair: Bruce Buckner
Oregon Ag Heritage Program: Taylor Larson
ODA; Mike Badzmierowski
Carbon Marketing: Dr. Ray Seidler

OSU Emeritus: Dr. John Talbott  (no PowerPoint)


Water Quality Program for Districts

SWCD Program Manager: Marganne Allen
SWCD Lead @ ODA: Karin Stutzman

 ODA WQ Committee Chair: Ken Bailey (no PowerPoint) 

Water Quality Program for Districts Q & A